Available Size : 100 test / 500 test

Kit components: DAB Substrate Buffer (READY-TO-USE) DAB Chromogen Concentrate (READY-TO-USE) DAB enhancer (READY-TO-USE)

Master Polymer Plus AP is the result of the experience of a decade in systems of polymers for immunohistochemistry. The detection system has proven greater sensitivity with an increase in the antigenantibody binding signal. The new technology of micropolymers provides greater advantages as compared to the conventional immunohistochemistry techniques and facilitates the detection of antigens in the different cellular compartments (nucleus, cytoplasm, cytoplasmic membrane) due to the smaller size of the molecule. The technical procedure used eliminates the background staining originated by the non-specific binding to endogenous biotin molecules, as Master Polymer Plus AP is a procedure not based in the reaction avidin/biotin. The detection system Master Polymer Plus AP is highly sensitive, provides a low background staining and the results obtained are higher than the ones obtained with the conventional procedures of Streptavidin/Biotin or long polymers. The system Master Polymer Plus AP is elaborated with the technology of micropolymers. This system can be used with: - Monoclonal primary antibodies obtained in mouse. - Monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies obtained in rabbit.