Immunoperoxidase DAB Kit (Dark Brown)

Available Size : 100 test / 500 test

Kit components:
DAB Substrate Buffer (READY-TO-USE)
DAB Chromogen Concentrate (READY-TO-USE)
DAB enhancer (READY-TO-USE)

Spcificity, Interferences and Limitations:
The Immunoperoxidase DAB Kit (Dark Brown) is preferred for immunohistochemical staining methods, based
on peroxidase marked antibodies and in situ hybridization.
Once the DAB oxidation has occurred, a brown insoluble precipitate is obtained. An increase or decrease in the
ratio between the chromogen and its substrate volumes, as well as exposure to bright light, can affect the
degree of specific staining and background of the final reaction. For this reason it is recommended that the
staining should be made in low light conditions.


توضیحات و استفاده

Aplication and Product Composition:
The chromogenic phase of the immunostain protocol reveals the location of the specific antigen-antibody
complex by the addition of the enzyme substrate and the chromogen.

Preparation Of The Chromogen Final Solution:
Add 1 drop of DAB Chromogen Concentrate in 1 ml of DAB Substrate Buffer. Mix well. This solution must be
protected from light and is stable for hours.
Important note: If after preparation, a pink-purple color of the mixture is seen, it is recommended to discard
the solution and prepare a new one

Recommendations For Use:
1. After incubation with a peroxidase (HRP) detection system, rinse well. Add the DAB mixture to the tissue
section following the routine protocol. Incubate 5 minutes at room temperature.
2. Rinse slides with distilled water.                                                                                                                                              3. Add 2-4 drops of DAB Enhancer to cover the tissue section completely. Incubate 1 to 2 minutes at room
temperature. (OPTIONAL STEP)
4. Rinse slides with distilled water or TBS.
5. Contrast with Haematoxylin.
6. Bluing in tap water.
7. Dehydrate, clear and mount.

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