Lambda Light Chains CISH Kit (Using Zytovision technology)

Available Saize: 5 tests / 20 tests

Intended Use: Diagnostic in vitro in humans

Description: This kit contains reagents to perform manual or automated chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH) technique
on human tissue sections fixed in buffered formalin and embedded in paraffin.
This kit does not contain a visualization system and is sufficient for the realization of 5 or 20 determinations
following the recommended protocol. The best results have been obtained using the visualization system
based on the Master Polymer Plus available in the Master Diagnóstica catalogue.

Diagnostic Applications:
Determining the relative ratio of the two existing light chains of immunoglobulins by the chromogenic in situ
hybridization techniques is suitable for the detection of B cell lymphoproliferative disorders clonality, providing
substantial support for a lymphoma diagnosis when compared with any lymphoid hyperplasia or other reactive
lymphadenitis. In the same line it has a diagnostic value in plasma cell dyscrasias and leukemia, myeloma and

توضیحات و استفاده

The immunoglobulin molecules (Igs) are composed of two pairs of polypeptide chains, two heavy (IgH of 50-70 kD) and two light chains (IgL 23 kD), each of the light chains containing two successive domains: the first constant domain and the second a variable domain. Light chains are covalently linked to each correspondent heavy chain and are assembled through somatic rearrangement of the hypervariable region gene segment V(D) J. This process occurs during the early stages of the maturation of B lymphocytes, so that first (in the pro-B stage) the IgH chain rearrangement occurs to define the type of immunoglobulin that each cell will secrete and subsequently (in the pre -B stage) the IgL chain rearrangement occurs. In humans there are two IgL isotypes: Kappa ( ), encoded by a gene located on second chromosome and the Lambda ( ) with the coding gene located on chromosome 22. Each of the B-lymphocytes produces heavy chain immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD or IgE) and light chain immunoglobulins (IgL ) or (IgL ) but never both simultaneously. Under normal conditions, 60% of B lymphocytes produce light chain immunoglobulinas with the rest represented by the chain. Therefore in all reactive lymphoid proliferation a mixed population of and chains positive cells is recognized, which is granted as a polyclonal expression. As all malignant neoplasias, B cell lymphomas are clonal tumors originating from a transformed cell; hence, they are capable of producing only one type of immunoglobulins light chains, which is known as a monoclonal expression. Therefore the determination of the relationship between the two light chains of immunoglobulins in a cell population represents an essential tool for establishing the clonality in B cell lymphomas and neoplastic or reactive plasma cell dyscrasias. This probe is designed for the detection of mRNA of the lambda light chains ( ) through chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH) techniques in tissues or cells fixed in 10% buffered formalin and paraffin embedded.

Sample Types: Sections of 4 microns thick mounted on special slides for immunohistochemistry and obtained from paraffinembedded
tissues, preferably fixed in buffered formalin.

Components and Reagents Included in The Kit:
MAD-001894QH-MP         MAD-001894QH
Proteinase K Concentrated Solution (10 mg/mL)        5 tests                             20 tests
Digoxigenin-Labeled Human Ig-Lambda Probe           5 tests                            20 tests
Digoxigenin (HY-A.1)                                              5 tests                            20 tests

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