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Welcome To sama Tashkhis Aria Official Website

is one of the seven sub-companies of Cedar Holding, other subsidiary companies are Teb Abzar Asia , Chrome Abzar Parseh, Darman Negar Ayandegan, Farmand Danesh Abzar, Lian AzmayeBahar and Behan Teb Azma.


Sama Tashkhis Aria is established by focusing on our specialty and previous experience of other sub-companies, in order to provide diagnostic tests in the field of Pathology.


In the first step, Sama Tashkhis started its activity by representing products of MASTER DIAGNOSTICA with an affordable price and a variety of panels, and could satisfy a wide range of large and small labs.


After detecting the needs of the market, it began to distribute more products such as FISH, CISH, and Immunohistochemistry control slides.


Then, Sama Tashkhis decided to add Flow Cytometry Antibodies to its products.


Our goal is to do our best to improve the society’s health system with the help of our dynamic and active team.


If Sama Tashkhis is a dynamic, strong, knowledgeable, and profitable company, objectives above will be achievable, and it could increase the quality of its services.


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