TBS Tween 20 Buffer 10X

Product Composition: The composition of the 10x concentrated product is: Tris-HCl 500 mM, NaCl 3M, 0.5 % Tween 20, pH 7.5.

Recommendations for Use:
Before start using the product: This solution is 10x concentrated, so before its use it must be diluted
1:10 with double-distilled or deionized water (1 part of buffer and 9 parts of water).

توضیحات و استفاده

Specificity, Interference and Limitation: In any immunohistochemical procedure, any antiserum that is not bound to the antigen during an
incubation must be removed before proceeding to the next one; this is performed by washing with the
chosen buffer.
In order to obtain good results in immunohistochemical techniques, it is essential that the antisera
adequately penetrate and reach the antigens to be detected. To counteract the poor penetration
of some conjugates, detergents such as Tween 20, which permeabilize membranes, can be used.

Storage: Store at room temperature away from intense heat/cold sources until the expiry date of the product.

Application: TBS-Tween 20 is a buffered saline used as a wash solution in many immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization procedures. Tween 20 acts by permeabilizing membranes and favouring antisera penetration in the section. It is particularly useful when working with intact cells from touch preparations, smears and monolayer cell cultures or with frozen or paraffin-embedded thick sections.

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