EDTA Buffer 10X pH8

Product Composition: 10mM EDTA pH8.0.

Intended Use: Product for in vitro diagnostic use

Recommendations for Use:
Before use: The EDTA solution is 10x concentrated and therefore before use it should be diluted in a 1:10 range with distilled or deionized water (one part EDTA buffer and 9 parts water).
-Cut and mount sections on charged slides or silane coated.

-Dewaxing (using xylene or substitute) and rehydrate the tissue sections thru decreasing series of alcohol. Then follow with the step 3 and 4.

-Unmasking: various alternative methods could be used to carry out the antigen retrieval
process using the diluted EDTA buffer

-Remove the sections and place them into the usual washing buffer (recommended TBS / TBS-Tween pH 7.5 – reference MAD-004077R)

-Proceed with the immunostaining protocol as usual.

Description & Usage

Specificity, Interference and Limitation: EDTA buffer is used in methods for heat induced antigen retrieval (HIER). When used on material fixed in buffered formalin and embedded in paraffin, certain antibodies require antigen unmasking for retrieving the immunoreactivity that had been masked by the fixing process.

Storage: Store until the expiry date of the product at room temperature, away from any sources of intense heat or cold.

Application: The HIER has improved immunohistochemical staining in conventional surgical pathology as it improves the antigen unmasking and the staining intensity. The use of these techniques has its best advantages in case of nuclear antigens that presents a marked increase in signal intensity. No previous dewaxing step is necessary, as this product has been design as an all-in-one solution that is suitable for simultaneous dewaxing and heat induced antigen retrieval.


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